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We have for sale a stunning pair of cased Wodgon duelling/target pistols. These Wodgon pistols come in a nice walnut and brass case complete with working key and measuring 455 mm x 200 mm x 60 mm , They also come with accessories including a powder flask by Dixon.

 percussion with engraved dolphin hammers they measure approx 380 mm overall with 235 mm barrels. Every thing is as it should be, action working well with good strong springs, no cracks in woodwork and all the metal work tight.

 If i had to say something negative about this set it would only be that there is a few dents on the powder flask and some very minor bruising on the woodwork  and maybe the green felt in the interior of the case has been replaced.

Wogdon & Barton (founded by Robert Wogdon) was an 18th-century firm of gunsmiths based in London, England. Robert Wogdon produced flintlock firearms from the 1760s, and was particularly well known for his high quality duelling pistols.The name Wogdon became synonymous with dueling, to the extent that duels in England were sometimes referred to as “a Wogdon affair”. Wogdon formed a partnership in 1794 with John Barton, after which their pistols were signed Wogdon and Barton. Wogdon retired in 1803 and died in 1813.

Wogdon made the pistols used in the infamous Burr-hamilton duel, which were later claimed to have concealed “hair triggers” (also known as set trigger). These gave the person using them an advantage over their opponent by reducing the amount of finger pressure required to fire the pistol, which greatly increased accuracy of the shot. However for at least twenty years before the Burr-Hamilton duel, English duelling pistols by all the top makers had been customarily fitted with set triggers. Wogdon’s duelling pistols were fitted with set triggers as a standard feature, so they cannot be regarded as “secret” devices that other duellists of the era would be completely unaware of.

Robert Wogdon (January 1734 – 28 March 1813) died aged 79 years and was buried with his wife Jane (died 15 February 1805, aged 69) in the chancel of St Bartholomew’s Church, located on the outskirts of Buntingford, Herfordshire


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